* Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan® with support is 20 lbs.
Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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The older I get, the more important being healthy becomes. When I retire, I want to be able to travel and see the sights, to continue being able to take a walk, or even go on a hike, and to play with any grandchildren I might someday have. Over the years, my weight has gone up and down (mostly up) and I hated to exercise. About 5 years ago, I found myself at the same weight I was when I delivered my youngest child, who was in high school at that time! I felt like a beached whale! So, I went on a diet. I lost weight, but just could not keep it off. I kept gaining and losing and having to go back on the diet to maintain a healthy weight. One day, my friend called to tell me about a program she found called Take Shape for Life. It helped change her life so much that she became a Health Coach. Take Shape for Life encompasses so much more than just a diet! This plan encouraged me to adopt the all the habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle. My friend became my Health Coach and encourager on this journey. Now, not only am I at my original goal weight, but I'm actually jogging and going to the gym on a regular basis. I've been motivated to make lifestyle changes that I can maintain the rest of my life. I decided to become a Health Coach, too, so I can share this amazing program with others. No matter what age, size or shape you are in today, this program leads you on your journey to gaining your optimally healthy life! If you have anything in your health or lifestyle that you would like to improve, let me help you get started today!

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